SPC Flooring

A beautiful floor represents a major investment, but it also increases the value of your home. It's time to get for the most dramatic, durable, and beautiful flooring in your home.

Elegant and Stylish Wood Detail SPC Flooring

As long as the board is connected to the board, it can be installed directly on the mosaic

  • Does not require special care
  • Not cold floor as mosaic
  • 80% more durable than traditional flooring
  • Make your home as glorious as a Shangri-La Hotel

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The New Standard Flooring

There are traditional floors and SPC floors. But SPC floors can be water-resistant, which cannot be done with traditional flooring!

If you are decorating a house or mosaic in a damaged house, SPC flooring is a good choice to make your home beautiful and elegant again.

Multi-functional and Versatile

  •  100% Extreme Water Proof
  •  Non-slip
  •  Termite Proof
  •  Comfortable Underfoot Feeling
  •  Stain and Scratch Resistance
  •  Free from Formaldehyde

Other Services
Artificial Glass

Artificial grass offers the natural look, durable, safe and most natural-looking of real grass without requiring any upkeep. It is designed or able to withstand exposure to weather without deterioration.

Other Services
WPC Decking

Wood-plastic composite decking (WPC decking) is the quickest developing wood deck elective available. It brags low upkeep and an any longer life expectancy than wood decking. Progressions in the way composite decking items are made have permitted composite decking producers to recreate the look of numerous intriguing hardwoods to give the mortgage holder alternatives they commonly would not have when outlining and fabricating a deck.

Other Services
Hacking and Self Leveling

Self-level is used to refurbish an uneven concrete floor, correcting it to back to flat, durable and smooth for further finishes. Self-leveling also allows both old concrete floor and new cement floor to be levelled by itself without the extra troweling, due to the topping being made from a modified polymer that is flowable.

Other Services
Wall Panel

Create clean, crisp, continuous channels and shadow lines with a wood slat Panel. This innovative and sophisticated product come in different wood colour. Material made of WPC ( wood plastic composite).
  • Waterproof
  • Termite proof
  • Soundproof
  • Durable enough to last a lifetime

Other Services
PVC Ceiling

PVC ceilings are modern and it is definitely a great choice if you are thinking to refurbish your place with less hassle compared to plaster ceilings. A ceiling can now be a focal point and decorative PVC ceiling has been popular all over the world such as Australia, Eastern Europe, and many more.

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