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Blacklisted Names Also Can Get The Loan
Within 3 years, we helped 681 customers to get a car with 96% passing rate

Want to apply for a car loan, but the submission is rejected? Apply at many places but still have the same answer? Because you are blacklisted! Team CK can help you, and even you are blacklisted. Our company has 17 years of experience in the car sales industry, and here we have officers with more than ten years of experience for cars, bank credit loans and blacklisted names.

If you have been blacklisted on:


- Didn't pay bank loans, personal loans or credit card loans on time.


- Didn't pay for furniture, electronics and Astro bill.


- Debt from the old bank, listed in Special Attention Account.


- Loan for college or university but didn't pay after graduation.


- Assist to Credit Management and Consulting Agency.

We can help you easily to get a car loan! (T&C)


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